Sun-Rae's Masked Bandit

Welcome to my home page.  They call me Clyde – after Norman Clyde, an accomplished mountaineer of the High Sierras. 

I came into this world in March of 2004 and so far…no complaints…well…maybe a few.  First, I lost my only brother.  Second, there is this thing they call “sun” that simply makes me miserably hot at times.  And lastly, I have been to the clinic one too many times for an infection, stitches after being bit by an adult Akita and a ranula caused by the trauma of that bite.  But all is well now…and I hope I don’t have to go see Dr. White any time soon!

People think I am spoiled “big time” by my mom.  I beg to differ.  It is I who spoil her.  I let her do whatever she wants with me.  I am a good sport and enjoy all the toys that she buys for me.  And I do my very best – as best as a puppy can, to please her during our obedience sessions.  I must be doing a pretty good job because you should see the way her face lights up when she fusses over me.

Maybe one day, after all of my bones and joints have fully developed, I can test my climbing skills.  But in the meantime, I think I shall just concentrate on being a happy, carefree and playful Akita puppy.